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Writing Tips

The Five Stages of Revision
When it comes to writing, the process doesn't end with the last word typed. In fact, that's just the beginning. The real magic happens during the revising phase, where the rough edges are smoothed out, and the story truly comes to life. Revising is a...
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Understanding the Three Act Structure
The three act structure is a narrative framework commonly used in storytelling, particularly in screenwriting and playwriting. It divides a story into three parts, each serving a specific purpose in the overall narrative arc.The three acts are:Act 1:...
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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Chapter
Writing the first chapter of a book can be a tricky task, especially for new writers. In this article, we will explore some common mistakes that new writers often make in their first chapters and provide advice on how to steer clear of them.Mistake #...
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Eleven Weird Writing Tips That Actually Work
Here are some unusual but effective advice for writers. These tips are designed to make the writing process easier and more productive. Let's break them down: Change Character Names: If you're struggling to make your characters feel real, try giving ...
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Author Mindset

5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Self-Doubt
Writing is a career filled with ups and downs. Many writers, including myself, often face self-doubt and a desire to give up. However, overcoming these challenges is crucial for personal and creative growth. Here are some practical tips for writers t...
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Six Hacks to Fine-tune Your Focus
The art of focusing when you're a curious soul drawn to every interesting corner of the internet is quite a feat. I get it. Give me a computer and a hint of curiosity, and off I go, exploring every nook and cranny of information available. But o...
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How Writers Can Maximize Their Focus
Maintaining focus while juggling multiple writing projects can be quite the challenge, but with a few strategic tips and tricks, writers can enhance their concentration and productivity. In this article, we're going to discuss how writers can maximiz...
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Six Practical Tips to Help Writers Improve Their Mental Health
Certainly, maintaining good mental health is essential for writers to stay creative, focused, and productive. Here are six practical tips to help writers improve their mental well-being:Practice Self-Care Regularly:Prioritize self-care activities suc...
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Practical Strategies To Keep Motivated
Staying motivated to keep writing can be challenging, but implementing these practical strategies can help you maintain your enthusiasm and productivity.1. Set Achievable Goals:Take your writing projects and slice them into bite-sized, achievable goa...
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The Seven Habits of Successful Writers: Practical Tips and Advice
Becoming a successful writer is a goal shared by many aspiring authors. However, the path to success is often fraught with challenges and obstacles. In this article, we will explore the seven habits of successful writers and provide practical tips an...
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Marketing Tips

Get Insta-Ready for NaNoWriMo!
NaNoWriMo and social media feel like two things that just shouldn’t mix. Like oil and water. Or book pages and sticky fingers. Or first drafts and perfectionism.I mean, just scrolling social media is one of the biggest tools of distraction and procra...
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Instagram for Authors: 12 Engaging Book Marketing Strategies
In today's digital world, authors have new ways to let people know about their books. One of these ways is Instagram, a place where you can share pictures and stories with your followers. Instagram is great for authors because it helps them connect w...
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