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Hi, I'm Jessie!

I help authors to write and publish their novels.

I'm a book coach and developmental editor who helps fiction writers turn their ideas into published books. I'm also the founder of The Write Tips, where I provide practical, easy-to-use writing advice that you can start using right away.

Whether it's help with crafting your story, marketing strategies, personalized coaching, or just a push in the right direction, I'm here for you. My aim is to fuel your creative fire, strengthen your confidence, and applaud your progress at every milestone. Let's turn your novel aspiration into a celebrated reality, together!

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This beginner-friendly guide is tailor-made for those taking their initial steps in the world of novel writing. Download Write Your First Draft in 6 Simple Steps now and take your first step towards becoming a published author!

What the guide includes:

✔️ Generating Ideas

✔️ Creating Characters

✔️ The Power of Outlining

✔️ Choosing Your Style

✔️ Starting Your First Draft

✔️ Editing and Revising

You will get a PDF (3MB) file

What Can I Help You With?

I need help finishing my first draft!

My Level 1: Mastering Story Fundamentals workshop is meticulously designed to help you overcome common obstacles that writers face in the drafting stage...

I finished my first draft, I need help adding depth to my story

My Level 2: Revise and Conquer: Advanced Techniques workshop has everything you'll need to polish your first draft, deepen your story, and take it to the next level...

I need help building my author platform on a friendly budget

My Level 3: Author Platform Made Simple course covers everything you need to know about establishing a solid author platform, tailored to fit any budget...

I need help with my book launch!

My Level 4: The Perfect Book Launch workshop is a step-by-step guide designed to hold your hand through every aspect of your book launch, ensuring it's not just successful but also enjoyable...

Coaching Services

I'm excited to introduce my one-on-one writing coaching services designed exclusively for authors like you. Whether you're working on your first novel, fine-tuning a manuscript, or looking to enhance your writing craft, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Click here to learn more about my coaching services.


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"I never thought I could write a novel. Jessie's course proved me wrong!"

— Mia Wilson

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"I learned more in this course than in years of trying on my own."

— Charlotte

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"The tips on character creation brought my story to life!"

— Aiden L.

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